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Clean Code: Best Practices for Modern C++

Online seminar / face-to-face seminar



  • 5 * 1/2 day or 3 * 1 day

Accompanying literature

  • Each participant gets one of my digital or printed books.


  • Theory and praxis with many exercises. You get the source code and the solutions to the exercises.
  • You need a computer with at least a C++11 compiler.


  • Learn the safe usage of modern C++.
  • Write modern C++ code by using the proven guidelines.


  • C++11/14/17 standard


Key principles

  • Understand what are the ideas of KISS, YAGNI, DRY, and SOLID.

Best practices for software development

The C++ Core Guidelines provides rules for essential aspects of modern software development:

  • Philosophy
  • Interfaces
  • Functions
  • Classes and class hierarchies
  • Enumerations
  • Resource management
  • Expressions and statements
  • Performance
  • Concurrency
  • Error Handling
  • Constants and Immutability
  • Templates and Generic Programming
  • C-Style programming
  • The standard library

Patterns and Idioms

  • Inheritance versus Composition
  • Proxy
  • Resource Acquisition Is Initialization (RAII)
  • Factory method
  • Singleton
  • Run- versus compile-time Polymorphism
  • Curiously Recurring Template Pattern (CRTP)


  • Test hierarchy
  • Characteristics of good unit tests
  • Unit tests
  • Test-Driven Development (TDD)


  • Key ideas
  • Code smells
  • Tool support

Tool support

Conditions of participation:

The general terms and conditions are found in the GT&C.


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